Sergio Rojas

Sergio Rojas

With almost 15 years experience as a fitness-professional, Sergio has become one of the most in-demand fitness trainers in Chicago, and throughout the U.S., working with professional athletes, celebrities, and top executives, in addition to developing fitness and wellness programs for major corporations.

Sergio is also the fitness expert for NBC5 news in Chicago, as well as a regular contributor for Men's Fitness Magazine. His passion and commitment to fitness has him working with the Energizabulls (Chicago Bulls charitable foundation), as a wellness consultant, and working with HopSports, a digital physical education program, developing fitness content for kids across America.

Sergio worked as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the WNBA's Chicago Sky, as well as the director of Personal Training for a high-end health club chain in Chicago. Sergio's holistic approach to fitness and wellness, in addition to his knowledge and expertise as a certified nutritionist, has helped clients to lose thousands of pounds (one client losing over 130); eliminate chronic aches and pains such as back, knee and hip pain; increase overall energy; enhance everyday movements; and improve in sports performance.

Sergio is also very active in the community promoting health and wellness, volunteering his time with many of Chicago's public schools and is a key stakeholder in the development and launch of the 'Building a Healthier Chicago' Initiative.

Most recently, Sergio was appointed by President Obama, to serve as the Executive Director of the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. After several months in D.C., Sergio decided to return to Chicago to continue working on his life's passion of opening a fitness training and wellness facility, developing his corporate wellness company, and completing on his first book.